Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DFW Knit Out & Crochet Too Schedule & Information

I am really excited to announce the schedule for the KOC2. The event will go from 10am-6pm on September 29, 2007- feel free to come & just enjoy some time knitting & crocheting with other fiber artists or you can attend the following sessions: (for class descriptions & supply lists, go here

10:30am-11:30 am - Cable Class (Knit)
10:30am-11:30 am - Tunisian Crochet
12noon-3pm - Spinning Demo - there will be NO spinning lessons. But great for people curious about the art of spinning.
1:30pm-3:30pm - Las Vegas Scarf (knit & crochet)
3:30pm-4:30pm - Celtic Crochet - there will be a $2 charge for the book we will supply for you
3:30-4:30pm - Short row basics (based on Knitty's Calorimetry)

There will be people on hand to teach beginners how to knit or crochet during these time frames:

Charity knitting: Each year we chose a charity to donate to. This year it will be the Austin Street Shelter. We will be accepting any knitted or crocheted item that you wish, including but not limited to hats, scarves, mittens, gloves - basically any clothing or accessories. These items may go to the inhabitants of the shelter or to be sold in the thrift store for profits.

CONTEST: This year the contest will be PURSES. There will be prizes in 4 categories:
* Best original crochet
* Best original knit
* Best crochet
* Best knit

Want to help? If you want to volunteer or donate supplies, Please email us at dfwkoc@gmail.com. What do we need?
* People to be available to teach beginners to knit or crochet during the above designated times.
* Spinners- I need about 5 people with wheels & some people willing to demonstrate with a drop spindle. Bring your own fiber, but this gives you lots of spinning time. Surely people will be asking questions & watching you - if that doesn't bother you - you are perfect for this task. (I can only take the first 5 respondents, sorry)
* Spare needles & hooks - Preferably a mid-sized (7/8, G/H) - Make sure they are spares, you will likely never see them again. We will use these for beginners that didn't bring their own.
* Yarn - scraps & odd balls are perfect. We need smooth, worsted yarn to teach beginners & crazy fun yarn for the Las Vegas scarf.


MargoLynn said...

I still have a bucket of needles and hooks that we would bring to past KOC2 for the students. I can get it to someone over Labour Day weekend and you're welcome to them.

BTW, if people insist upon paying for things, in the past we collected the money and donated it to the North Texas Food Bank. You can continue that or give the money to the Austin Street Shelter as well.

Merry Karma said...

Tasha, I meant to catch you at the Guild meeting the other night, but I had to leave early.

I noticed that the DFW KOC2 is not listed on the Lion Brand's Calendar.

Here's the page, in case you want to list it. It is free!!!


marysmusic said...

I am interested in learning more about the purse contest. What time do you check in? What are the prizes? How long will the purse be on display?

Susan Ripley said...


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